Microsoft Edge 123.0.2420.81

Microsoft Edge 123.0.2420.81

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Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft, designed to be a lightweight and fast alternative to other popular browsers in the market. Launched in 2015, Microsoft Edge replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser on Windows operating systems.

One of the key features of Microsoft Edge is its integration with Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant. This allows users to perform searches, set reminders, and get answers to questions without leaving the browser window.

In terms of performance, Microsoft Edge is known for its speed and efficiency. It is built on a modern engine that ensures web pages load quickly and smoothly. The browser also has a minimalistic design, making it easy to navigate and use.

Microsoft Edge offers a variety of tools to enhance the browsing experience. One such tool is the Reading View, which removes clutter from web pages for easier reading. The browser also has a built-in annotation feature that allows users to highlight and make notes on web pages.

Security is a top priority for Microsoft Edge. The browser comes equipped with features such as SmartScreen, which helps protect users from phishing attacks and malicious websites. Microsoft regularly releases updates to ensure that Edge remains secure against emerging threats.

Another highlight of Microsoft Edge is its integration with other Microsoft services. Users can easily sync their browsing data, such as bookmarks and passwords, across devices using their Microsoft account. This feature provides a seamless browsing experience across desktop and mobile platforms.

Microsoft Edge is a well-rounded web browser that offers speed, efficiency, security, and integration with Microsoft's ecosystem of services. With its focus on performance and user experience, it is a solid choice for Windows users looking for a reliable browsing solution.


Microsoft Edge ist eine Shareware-Software aus der Kategorie Internet, die von Microsoft entwickelt wird.

Die Nutzer unserer Client-Applikation UpdateStar haben Microsoft Edge im letzten Monat 196.821 mal auf Updates überprüft.

Die neueste Version ist 123.0.2420.81, veröffentlicht am 06.04.2024. Die erste Version wurde unserer Datenbank am 19.01.2017 hinzugefügt. Die häufigste Version ist 122.0.2365.92, die von 60% aller Installationen verwendet wird.

Microsoft Edge läuft auf folgenden Betriebssystemen: Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux. Die Download-Datei hat eine Größe von 1,8MB.

Die Nutzer haben Microsoft Edge eine Bewertung von 4 von 5 Sternen gegeben.

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196.821 UpdateStar-Nutzer hatten Microsoft Edge im letzten Monat installiert.
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